Explore the fantasy realm of ƏƱRIAan open-world game with unique biomes, diverse neighbours, and dynamic exploration.

Travel through colourful landscapes whilst gathering items for crafting, cooking, or gifting. 

Players are encouraged to create a custom persona, decorate their own home, and build connections with memorable neighbours in a diverse cast of sexuality, ethnicities, body types, and gender.

At its core, ƏƱRIA strives in fostering positive emotions and community with a diverse characters. We aim to challenge current fields of entertainment media on adequate player representation.




Follow the development team's week by week from initial ideas to final concepts


Discover the features, residents, and  gameplay of ƏƱRIA


Meet the Team

Vivian Fu

-3D Artist-

Vivian is a perfectionist that developed a strong passion for 3D creations and wishes to further her love and knowledge of the craft. She is a self-taught user of the modelling software Maya and has been taking the initiative to learn more about the program. With a respectable amount of proficiency with the program, she spends the majority of her time creating 3D models of objects and environments.

Pandy Ma

-Character Artist-

Although untalented at playing video games, Pandy is skillful in 3D modelling and game production. Her projects range from 2D puzzles to full VR experiences and works in programs such as After Effects, Autodesk Maya, Illustrator, Photoshop, Unity, and Unreal Engine. With a love for immersive storytelling, her games focus on player experience and gameplay design.

Sydney Pallister

-Technical Artist-

Sydney can be best described as a feminist and queer inclusive game designer. She views the game industry as a practice that has many opportunities to be more inclusive and progressive as a multi-billion dollar industry. Specifically, she looks at ways to make games that make marginalized groups feel represented and powerful as individuals. These games revolve around adventure, story and choice based mechanics in the science fiction and fantasy genres.